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Digitisation brings about operating efficiency
In process technology, the ongoing operating costs account for up to 70% of the entire system costs. The reasons for this are often inadequate information concerning the state of the individual system components.

Smart solutions for the digital supply chain

Continuously monitoring the operating condition of important functional elements will be a key competence issue for economical operating efficiency in the future. The prevention of unexpected failures increases plant safety and reduces operating costs considerably.

High benefits thanks to digitally networked components

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Status monitoring and preventive maintenance

The guideline-compliant acquisition of operating data makes it possible to determine the stress level of our components. The intelligent analysis of the data can achieve huge benefits for plant operators.

  • Increase in plant efficiency by means of predictable maintenance
  • Recording of unexpected loads in order to minimise the risk of failure
  • Exact component design for exchange components and replacement parts
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Digital type plate

Specific design parameters, component drawings or test documentation and relevant contact persons have been important information with respect to technical products even after decades. Achieving this easily and quickly often poses a major challenge in practice.
Comprehensive, constantly up-to-date documentation contributes directly to the reduction in operating costs in many cases.

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